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Pula Medical aid Fund was established in 1991 and is administered by Associated Fund Administrators Botswana (AFA) (Pty) Ltd. The Administrators, appointed by the Board of Trustees in terms of the Scheme Rules, are responsible for the proper execution of the operational business of the Scheme under the direction of the Board of Trustees.  AFA is the largest medical aid administrator in Botswana with total lives covered by schemes under AFA’s administration representing over 70% of the total lives covered by medical aid schemes in Botswana.

The Fund is open to all institutions in the private sector, parastatals, NGOs, etcetera. Our members have the certainty that they belong to a Fund that offers the most comprehensive benefits in the industry and continues to deliver value for money.

Pula Board of Trustees

The affairs of the Fund are managed under the direction and supervision of a 10 member Board of trustees which convenes in accordance with the Rules of the Scheme. Members of the board are nominated by the various employer groups and appointed by the relevant appointing authorities as prescribed in terms of the Rules.

Pula Board of Trustees 




Maleho Mothibatsela

Dr. Bakani Thipe

Phillip Mmoka

Mukani Pelaelo

Anthony Masunga

Matlhogonolo Mponang

Geoffrey Mahlaka

Batho Motubudi

Obakeng Moroka


Tati Nickel




Botswana Accountancy College





Vice Chairman



Pula Medical Aid Fund Trust (PULA) is administered by Associated Fund Administrators (AFA) Botswana (Pty) Ltd.

Fund's Principal Officer

Pula Medical Aid Fund has appointed Dr Thato Moumakwa as the Fund's Principal Officer.

Affordable and sustainable contributions

PULA benefit options are priced competitively to ensure long-term affordability and value for money. A benefits review exercise has resulted in an increase on some of the benefits effective July 2012.

Medical cover wherever you are

PULA offers medical aid cover throughout in Botswana. However, those covered are also able to get access to health care services in any country outside the borders of Botswana. Most of our members regularly access health care services in South Africa and Namibia.  In the event that members pay for themselves when accessing healthcare outside Botswana. PULA will reimburse them fully according to the agreed tariffs.

Access to online transactions

Members of Pula Medical Aid Fund now have access their PULA account information. They can   view recent transactions such as doctor visits and payments, outstanding balances for various benefit categories and other transactions that have occurred on their account.